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Dress Standards

Members of the Club, their immediate families and guests shall at all times be dressed in attire appropriate to the area or facility of the Club which they are using or in which they are located. Members are asked to inform their Guests, including nurses, nannies, and anyone accompanying them, of the Dress Code and are responsible for their compliance.

The term “appropriate attire” shall mean and be defined as clean, presentable clothing in good condition and not offensive to other members of the Club. In general, subject to times when notice to the contrary is established, dress throughout the Club shall be casual.

Dress for dinner dances and other special events will be noted in Member publications. Soiled, ragged or torn clothing and clothing displaying offensive and profane content are not acceptable attire.

Gentlemen are asked to remove hats indoors. In outdoor dining and bar areas, gentlemen’s Panama-style hats, billed, baseball-style hats and peaked caps are acceptable attire during lunch/brunch hours. Billed hats, or peaked caps, worn backwards are not acceptable club attire.

Tank tops are not acceptable attire for gentlemen. Shoes are required except around the pool and beach.

Persons in violation of the Dress Code will be asked to change attire or leave the respective premises.


In the general areas of the Club, informal, casual and sport attire in keeping with the dress code is acceptable.

Gentlemen: Shorts and shirts inside the Club and in the dining and bar areas.
Ladies: Beach cover-ups over bathing attire inside the Club and in the dining and bar areas.

Members and Guests wearing only swimsuits will be served at the cabanas/chaise lounges on the beach or at the chaise lounges around the pool if/when restaurant services are available in those areas at that time.


After 6:00pm, evening attire is generally required. Gentlemen are required to wear trousers or dress jeans, collared dress shirts, sweaters and polo shirts are acceptable. Jackets and ties are optional. Shorts, cargo pants and hats are not acceptable.

Fitness Centre

All members, their immediate families and their guests must be appropriately attired at all times while using the Club fitness area. Such attire includes warm-up suits, shirts, shorts and soft-soled shoes. Cutoffs, half shirts and ordinary street clothes are not permitted while using the Club fitness area.

The full membership guidelines and regulations may be downloaded below:

Club Membership