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Overall development is governed by the Architectural Code. The purpose of the code is to create unifying design elements among the various phases of the development.

A fundamental objective is to employ the elements of classical proportion in the design of all homes. There is no preferred style as such. The developer has designated certain areas that will be heavily influenced by a particular style. These styles emanate from historical developments in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. In other areas owners are free to choose their own preferred style of building.

In all cases buildings must conform to the Architectural Code which regulates size, height and building placement. Further the plans must be developed by an architect and be submitted to the developer for approval. Detailed landscape plans also must be submitted for approval.

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Please be advised that the Architectural Codes for the neighborhoods in Old Fort Bay are occasionally updated. Please contact the Old Fort Bay Property Owners Association office at Tel: (242) 362-5958 in order to attain the most up to date Architectural Codes that apply to each neighborhood within the community.